Miracle Fruitabs Can Change The Way We Eat!

Miracle Fruit is now in Canada in a tablet form. Canadians can experience the magic of Miracle Fruitabs changing their taste buds!

It’s almost a fairy tale, wave your magic wand and now everything turns into a tasty treat!  After Miracle Fruitabs, bitter, sour, or acidic foods are dramatically sweet, the effects are astounding! No additives, colours or preservatives. Made from only the finest miracle fruit berries, we introduce you to Miracle Fruitabs.

You may choose to use Miracle Fruitabs for dieting, children, chemotherapy, diabetes or entertainment. We know everyone can use Miracle Fruitabs to discover the extraordinary effects of acidic sour foods, turning remarkably sweet. Sour Is Sweet!!!!

  • Posted on 29. June 2012
  • Written by Harry Berry
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